Rollacosta is fast food concept with the simple aim of providing consumers with great tasting Rolla’s, Shawarma’s, Sandwiches, Boosters, Quickies, Beverages, and Pasta’s.

Rollas are a unique and delicious dish prepared according to individual preference for great variety. We have the best rollas in town for a quick and healthy snack appealing to varied palates.

Shawarma is made by alternately stacking strips of fat and pieces of seasoned Chicken on a Rotisserie / Spit with our patented over the top marinate for flavoring.

And the list can go on and on, all these Rollas are made up of Fresh Vegetables which are made in the right proportion to deliver maximum out of them. No preservatives, colors or any other flavour is added to any product so its 100% healthy. The Rollacosta, as it has turned out, has been a fantastic success and fulfilled our dream every bit we hoped.  The current climate has seen fast food chains adjusting their menu in a response to obesity concerns. This has renewed interest in the industry as customers now opt for a healthier alternative.

Initial Investment Less than 12 lakh Less than 18 lakh
Royalty 8% of sales 8% of sales
Tenure 3 years 3 years
ROI 40-60% annually 40-60% annually
Space Requirement 50 – 200 sq ft 300 – 600 sq ft
Frontage 8 – 20 feet 8 – 20 feet
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  • Categories: Food and Beverage