J K Shah Classes

Prof. J. K. Shah, founder and pioneer behind J. K. Shah Classes is a thorough educationist. He has specialized in coaching aspirant Chartered Accountants (CA) for last 31 years. There must be thousands of qualified CAs who have studied in J. K. Shah Classes and have passed out with flying colors. J. K. Shah Classes has virtually become synonymous with the ultimate in CA coaching. List of ever growing All India rank holders says all about J. K. Shah Classes and one would be surprised, if at all you find anyone who did not study under him.

The coaching imparted is very exhaustive and wholly concept based. The conceptual explanations are supported by contemporary problems picked up from examinations held not only in India but around the world. The question set not only covers the past papers but also the problems which peep into the future. No wonder, then, that what is asked at various professional examinations is almost same as or similar to what is taught at J. K. Shah Classes. Also, the coaching is very systematic, well planned and absolutely time bound.

Investment in  Tier 1 city Less than 20 lakh
Investment in  Tier 2 city Less than 15 lakh
Investment in  Tier 3 city Less than 10 lakh
Signup Fee On Request
Infrastructure 500 – 1000 sq ft
Preferred location Educational Market Area
Agreement Tenure 3 years
Margin On Request
Mode of Teaching VSAT i.e. through satellite
Renewal Yes
Company Brochure On Request
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