Social media account is an important determinant in a digital marketing campaign. It forms and quintessential element to track your posts and blog through a channel that has ability to reach vast audience.  Facebook and Twitter enable to post your content on a public platform and increase the chance of your posts going viral. However, it is equally vital to know what kind of content is most likely to go viral. If you are unaware of the factors that can make your post viral it will not be able to get the traffic or subscriptions to your feeds. There are certain ways which can be implemented to make your post viral.

Information is the priority

On a highly dynamic platform like internet you are entitled to be informed of every evolving landscape of the World Wide Web. The lack of information will hamper your tendency to evaluate the importance of the recent technological developments. You are supposed to subscribe some following sites like Reddit, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Mashable which will help you to keep updated about the evolution of any latest technology and methods for your blogging platform. Subscribe to these media sites that are on the front lines of different methods used for marketing and Internet technology.

Play smart

Think out of the box and work against the preordained format to explore new opportunities. You need to be more expressive in talking about the concerning issues because social media website or marketing method is going to help conversions or traffic, talk about it in a post. This is a good procedure of making a post go viral because it goes against the grain and the audience loves finding out why they don’t have to invest into new technology. Social media accounts should be utilized to promote your blog post and which will directly enhance the traffic to your blog.

When you are telling the audience about different reviews, it’s essential to keep a ratio of about 1/5 per your links. In other words, for every link that you put out for your own site, you should be putting out 5 links to other sites. This way, people will see that you’re not just trying to promote your site. This puts confidence in the other fans so you look professional.

Expert advice quench thirst

The hungry audience is craving for new or unique information to overcome the monotony of data available worldwide. Hence, you must grab the chance with utter responsibility to quench the thirst with relevant and par excellence advice of the experts. If an article or a post or any graphic interests you it is natural that it must be stimulating for a certain group of people, so you must share to make it viral. The expert’s advice is what the audience is fond of and sharing those relevant posts will make it viral. The Google Panda updates are structured to elicit better rankings for websites that have quality link outs so be sure to put a link to the article or post on your blog. This will alleviate your authority online and can aid your readers find information they can utilize effectively.

 Fan page is a boon

Your association with fan pages on Facebook is a great way to get traffic to your blog based on a niche. For instance, if you are running a blog about entrepreneurship, join the fan pages for different renowned personalities of start-ups and giant entrepreneurs that you mention on your site. Make it an aim to comment on the fan page at least once a week. Your comments should be insightful and stimulating to other people on the page.