In era of technological revolution, customers have access to information at any time and any place due to internet and globalization. If there is a marker of digitalized economy in India, it is the predominance of excessive internet users and digital media. The business have realized the importance of digital marketing services in India and thereby chosen these platforms to advertise and market to their brand image through blog posts, graphics, information and others to ensure the popularity of the corporation. Social media platforms like facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc have overcome barrier between customers and company and has been successful to establish a direct link and interaction between them. The electronic channels have enabled to post positive comments, feedbacks about the company/product you (and your happy customers) can attract new customers and build long-lasting relationship.

As part of Digital Marketing Services – Social Media is underestimated. It's a big mistake because “Facebook” likes or “Twitter” shares can help your company grow as they build credibility and trust. They also bring traffic to the website and are costless. What you have to do is to insert a Social Media plug-in onto your site and keep updating your customers about the company news, discounts, etc.

Every year more and more businesses give up traditional advertising methods and focus on SEO, Google Ad words or Social Media spending huge money on these resources. This is the reason why the market gets increasingly competitive and big players get ahead of little companies. As a small business on the market, you cannot compete with them but there is something you can do. You can use Google Alerts  tool to monitor your competitors. This tool will allow you to track your competitor’s products and marketing strategies so that you can learn something from them and improve your own business strategy.   It's important to understand that digital marketing to make your business stand out from the crowd; you need a real strategy that puts potential customers first and use all the available tools to acquire them.

Good rapport of any business is quintessential. Without the trust and confidenceof the customer, a company will not survive. Especially in the past years the importance of reputation has become increasingly noticeable. If a business has a good reputation, customers may choose that particular company from many on the market. The positive reputation enables marketers to differentiate their products/services in a highly competitive market and successfully compete with big players.