What is Business Brokerage?
A business broker is a professional who assists in the buying and selling of businesses, acting as a medium between the buyers and sellers and often a representative intermediary or negotiator for either sides. Just as a real estate broker helps you locate the most ideal property for you, similarly a business broker helps a business purchase a new operation and or vend his own. They act as a connecting link as well as aid in suitable selection of a buyer/seller while keeping the identity of the parties private or known as per the affirmation given.

When is Business Brokerage Required?
When a company is looking towards changing hands, shifting locations or ownership or looking towards expansion by purchasing a functioning existing business, a business broker is required to handle the negotiation as he/she understands the needs and wants of the investing company and looks out for their interest. The job of a professional business broker is to analyse the net worth of a business and find a suitable buyer or seller as per the instructions of either. He/she also acts as an intermediary or negotiator along with providing guidance and assistance throughout the process until completion.

Why Choose FranBizCorp?
Our team at FranBizCorp is dedicated towards analysing the net worth of hundreds of businesses on several parameters such as commercial viability, growth potential, goodwill and repute etc. Hence, we are the apex organisation to provide you with the necessary guidance and assistance required to help you buy or sell a business with ease. Reliability and a thorough scrutiny of all finances and operations is one of the fundamental grounds of our approach thereby providing you with the best brokerage services. We understand the nitty gritty of the market conditions and can provide well-researched pointers to our clients.
With booming industrialization in all sectors of the economy, businesses change hands quite frequently as well as new businesses are acquired by leading ones. In such a dynamic environment we ably facilitate clientele interaction and negotiation services with the help of our team of focused professionals. Discretion is key, and we understand that well by doing all that can be done to keep the proceedings private or public, as required of us. Our job is to connect you with the one you need and swiftly so. In a nutshell, our motto is to provide qualitative services that etch us an epitome of reliance for all future endeavours.

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